Hayden Panettiere Answers Questions We Didn’t Ask About Her Sex Life

by Brian Willett

Looking for a way to get some instant publicity and reveal your inner insecurity at the same time? Try the Hayden Pannettiere method – go on a talk show and talk more about your sex life than the movie you’re supposed to be promoting. On a trip to Ellen to promote Scream 4, Hayden Panettiere elected to discuss her sex life, insisting that it is a major concern for her fans.

While 5’1″ Panettiere and her boyfriend, 6’6″ boxer Wladimir Klitschko, may seem like an odd couple, it’s hard to imagine that fans are as obsessed with the Scream 4 actress’ sex life as she claims.

“I get the prudest people come up to me, and they’re like ‘Does it work?'” Panettiere explained to host Ellen DeGeneres, who, like most viewers, didn’t appear overly curious.

“They’re very conservative people most of the time. They just have to know,” Panettiere insisted after DeGeneres remained skeptical. “Like have to know, ‘I just have to ask you this question!”

Uh, okay. Congratulations on getting some, I’m sure daddy is very proud. For her part, DeGeneres called the exploration into Panettiere’s sex life “crazy and rude,” with the first adjective providing a pretty accurate description of how Panettiere came off in the interview.

Scream 4 hits theaters this Friday; check out the official trailer right here, and watch previous Scream films online right here.