Inglot AMC Lip Paint. A makeup kit essential.

by Julia Dalton

There is one thing every client of mine, every colleague of mine and every friend of mine has in common; they all know way too much about Inglot Cosmetics… if there is such a thing.  I believe that I purchase a new #63 color AMC Lip Paint every time I leave a clients house.  Why?  Because I insist on them having it, immediately.  Inglot’s AMC Lip Paint is one my favorite items in my kit (and I have thousands of items).

They come in a plethora of amazing colors, there is no skin tone that will go unmatched to a perfect shade.  Why do I love this product so much?   The amazing conditioning feel; it is lightly creamy without feeling mushy or sticky, it leaves the perfect sheen to the lips and the smell, well, I would wear a perfume if it was scented like that.

The staying power is fabulous.   That is not to say that you can eat, drink and talk and not have to reapply, it is just to say that it has great  staying power.  Plus, applying it is so easy and fun!  To use it, you can either use your finger or a lip brush.  Whatever floats your boat.  For me, I like to use a brush, but if I am out and don’t have one around, my finger works just as well.  The packaging is a beautiful glass “jar” and it slips so easily in a purse or pocket.  Other big pluses?  They are paraben free and not tested on animals!  I have shown this product to hundreds of people and have had other makeup artists literally go to their store directly after shooting with me so they could purchase this item (and others) right away.  So yes, this is normally where I scare you with a big price tag, but not this time!  The AMC Lip Paints are priced amazingly low at $12.  And, there is a lot of product in that beautiful package.  So, I’ve told my clients, I’ve told my colleagues, I’ve told my friends and now I am telling you, don’t allow another day to go by without purchasing this product!