January Jones becomes ‘star-struck’ around footballers

by Team Bloginity

January Jones has revealed she gets “star-struck” around footballers.

The ‘Mad Men’ actress revealed the Pittsburgh Steelers – the hometown team of rapper Wiz Khalifa, who named his ‘Black and Yellow’ track after their team colors – do it for her, and she even considered going to a Halloween fancy dress party as Steelers player Troy Polamalu – a bit harsh!

She said: “I’m really like a guy in a lot of ways. My screen saver is a picture of me with Eli and Peyton Manning taken at the Kentucky Derby. The most star-struck I get is around football players.”

January is no stranger to dressing up, as she once went to a party as fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, although nobody really knew who she was.

She added to W magazine: “I slicked back my hair and put on glasses. I wore a tux with a bow tie. Unfortunately, people don’t know Yves Saint Laurent, and they thought I was the guy in the Six Flags commercial.”