Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrate anniversary with Mini-Me

Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated their three-year anniversary in the Bahamas, and got a little more than they expected.

It sounds like a normal enough vacation, but the couple also spent one evening with Verne Troyer – who stars as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films – during their romantic break.

A source said: “They bumped into Verne on a jaunt out one day. They were really surprised to see him. They had a laugh then he joined them for the rest of the day and dinner that evening.”

Jay-Z whisked his ‘Single Ladies’ wife away as a surprise, and the pair enjoyed champagne on ice and seafood dinners on the beach. It’s alright for some!

The American rapper is not a stranger to spending plenty of bucks on Beyonce, as he reportedly spent $350,000 on the ‘Sweet Dreams’ beauty last Christmas Eve.

But don’t feel sorry for Jay just yet, as Beyonce splashed out a cool $2 million on a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for her man in December.