Do you think Kanye is bothered by Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose? Probably not.

by Daniel Haim

For just a moment let’s put women aside and face the facts. Wiz Khalifa is one of America’s hottest rappers. Amber Rose or not, fans would love to see a collaboration between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West – can you agree on that? So far so good. I knew you would agree. Because both of these rapper’s styles are unique and when put together could create a deadly combination. I just wonder whether Amber is one of those girls who would tell Wiz, “Let me call Kanye and talk him into doing a collaboration, TRUST ME. I know how to convince him” or whether Khalifa and West have some sort of bad-taste when ever they come across each other. Or,.. would Kanye always treat Wiz as the guy who got the left overs… After all – I’m assuming West did stuff to Amber Rose that afterward he would not be able to look into her parents eyes.

Let’s out-focus from the gossip area for a minute but continue to talk about Amber Rose. While Amber Rose is an actual model, she is still best known for her high profile relationship with Kanye. Rose has got a lot on her plate, including an upcoming reality TV show that very few would probably care about. Sorry if I hurt a few of you.

As I reported earlier last week, things are looking quite good for Wiz. Debuting his album, Rolling Papers with sales around 215,000 in its opening week. Two spots on the Billboard 200 chart. Now, Mr. Wiz and Amber are going official as the rapper said “two great people meeting at a good time, very down to earth, she’s very realistic and that’s the way I am. She is womanly. I need that”

Which brings me to the following question… Do you think Kanye is a little bothered by their high profile relationship?