Mariah Carey’s unborn twins take after their parents

by Team Bloginity

Mariah Carey has revealed her unborn twins take after her and Nick Cannon.

The ‘We Belong Together’ crooner – who is pregnant with a boy and a girl – said the married couple can already tell the little ones have distinctive personalities. Really?

She said: “In viewing our ultrasounds, our boy is all ready like Nick, like, ‘Here I am, take my picture or don’t, and our girl is coyly facing the other way, like, ‘No pictures,’ waiting for a proper debut.”

Perhaps Mariah’s unborn boy has traits like his father because of Nick’s communication with the tot, as Mariah said he reads stories to the twins through her stomach. Isn’t that cute?

Mariah told Britain’s OK! magazine: “He definitely will be a hands-on dad. He already has this natural talent with children, they take to him right away. He’s so nurturing, loving and fun.”

The ‘Touch My Body’ singer – who is due in the coming weeks – is also hoping Nick will cut back on his workload so the pair can spend quality time with their babies.