NOOKA Design Lab to produce a new line of Wall Clock? Indeed.

by Daniel Haim

NOOKA Lab is utiizing the newly premiered website to raise $40,000 towards the creation of a new line of Wall Clocks. The New York based design lab have been creating revolutionary looking watches which Bloginity has been loving for years now, and it’s been highly anticipated that a cool looking wall clock will be followed. We are definitely getting tired of looking at our IKEA wall-clock, and in need of a new way to look at time.

The funding process will be hosted on an amazing new crowd source funding website launched by by the people at NOOKA, is one of the premiere companies on so let’s spread the word! P.S. we just donated $25 for this awesome project, and we’ll absolutely pick one of these bad boys when they’ve launched.

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Project Details

Ever since the release of our first Nooka watch designs, people have been asking for a wall clock version. Developing the molds and components for a large piece in limited quantities is an economic barrier you can help us overcome. How cool will it be to have an object championing universal communication to share with everyone in your world! We are a self-funded startup, and every one of your contributions will help us to turn these wall clocks into a reality. The Nooka wall clocks will retail at around $600 with a ZenV display and $650 with a Zirc display.