Red Hot Chilli Peppers to release new album in August

Red Hot Chilli Peppers are set to release their new album in August.

Chad Smith – drummer for the American rockers, who also include vocalist Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea and guitarist John Klinghoffer – revealed the LP, which is yet to be given a name, will come out in August.

He told ‘Rock it Out Blog’:

“It’s been going good. We got lots of songs, we’re just choosing the ones that are gonna be on the album. It sounds great.”

It seems like an age since the band’s last album ‘Stadium Arcadium’ was released in 2006 – and their forthcoming LP could be quite different as it’s the first one with new guitarist John, who replaced John Frusciante.

Chad certainly seems happy with the new addition, he added:

“He brought a lot to the table, he’s an excellent writer.”

The band usually have a few years in between each album, but five years has been far too long. I hope it’ll be worth the wait when the new record drops in the summer.