Restrepo Director Tim Hetherington and Getty Images Photographer Killed in Libya

by Brian Willett

Covering important international conflicts is a noble but dangerous position, and last night, two deaths reminded the world of the latter. Tim Hetherington, a conflict photographer who rocketed to notoriety after producing and directing the film Restrepo, and Chris Hondros, a Getty Images photographer, were killed in Misurata, Libya amid heavy gunfire. Hetherington and Hondros, who was soon to be married, were 41.

Hetherington had extensive experience covering conflict, having traveled to Afghanistan, Darfur and Liberia in order to give the world a perspective on what goes on at the front lines. Hetherington was hailed for his human rights work long before the Afghan war documentary Restrepo was even filmed.

“We’re just devastated here, but he lived for this,” said Graydon Carter, editor at Vanity Fair, for whom Hetherington worked on an ongoing basis. “And this sort of thing did not faze him. It’s what gave him life, and it’s what took it away from him.”

Hondros spent more than two decades photographing scenes of conflict, including experiences in Africa and the Middle East. Hondros worked for Getty Images, one of the most respected image distribution services in the world.

“Chris never shied away from the front line, having covered the world’s major conflicts throughout his distinguished career and his work in Libya was no exception,” said a statement from Getty Images. “He will be sorely missed.”

You can watch Restrepo online right here.