Scream 4 Trailer – Has The Scream Franchise Gone Too Far?

by Brian Willett

Scream 4 hits theaters this Friday, nearly five full years since the first Scream film hit theaters in late 2006. While the Scream 4 trailer (check it out below) does make the film look promising, one can’t help but wonder whether the producers are simply trying too hard to capitalize on the franchise. Doing so can have disastrous results; remember the third Matrix film and the new Star Wars films? Yikes.

Scream 4 aims to avoid the pitfalls of such lame sequels by keeping the good elements – Neve Campbell and David Arquette, for example – while adding new twists and a distinct plotline. Still, living up to the standard set by three hit films can be difficult, so Scream 4 will have its work cut out for it.

Will you be checking out Scream 4 when it hits theaters? Let us know in the comments. You can watch the previous Scream films right here.

Scream 4 Trailer