Behind The Scenes Experience at the Cesare Paciotti Fall Winter 2011 Photo Shoot

by Daniel Haim

Location: Old Westbury Gardens, the former estate of John Shaffer Phipps.

I’ve got some very exciting news to share with everyone. Earlier this week my dear friend Cinzia Bernasconi had invited me to join Cesare Paciotti on their new ad campaign photo shoot. Little did I know that it was going to be at the beautiful former estate of John Shaffer Phipps out on Long Island.

Here’s my favorite part: I discovered that one of my beloved films of all time was filmed there, ‘Love Story’ as well as ‘Cruel Intentions’, and 2007s ‘American Gangster’. The location was absolutely marvelous, the set was magnificent, and both Angela Lindvall and Mark Vanderloo were brilliant. I witnessed it.

All of the above was combined with styling from V Magazine and the photographer, well he’s a legend by himself: Sebastián Faena. I’ve been following Sebastian since discovering him in 2008 on the covers of Pop Magazine back and have been loving his work ever since. He’s worked with some of my favorite people including Alessandra Ambrosio, Enikő Mihalik and Lady Gaga to name a few.

Choosing Faena for the Cesare Paciotti was a great move for the brand. Not to mention that Cesare have commissioned very big names in the industry to shoot their previous ad campaigns including Mariano Vivanco so there’s high expectations and Sebastian had produced timeless work.

Aside from all the great happiness I’ve accumulated, I’ve also had the honor and pleasure to sit down and chat with Marco Calcinaro. We discussed his passion for the brand, his involvement with the company, to where Cesare Paciotti is heading next and what are some of the upcoming attractions for the brand.

Without spoiling too much, Marco is certainly accelerating and moving the company ahead of other brands in the game, and with knowledge like his it’s pretty obvious that a man like him is capable of doing that. Marco has “been in this industry for as long as he can remember” he told me, making him a celebrity within his field. While we were discussing the tradition of the Paciotti family, Marco indicated that he would like to “pass the job to his son” so he can continue the legend of the brand. His son is only two, which indicates there’s a lot of planning!

Cesare Paciotti was first founded by Giuseppe and Cecillia Paciotti in 1948. All the styling, drawing, planning to the production itself is still managed by the Paciotti family. And the passion runs in their blood.

I asked Marco whether a collaboration similar to Jimmy Choo’s and H&M was possible. It was not fully denied but Marco is persistent that focus is the key and there is a lot to focus on right now, including possibilities of expanding stores in the US market, and Canada.

While the interview had covered quite a bit, I am keen to make the story twice as interesting by exploring opportunities to go and visit Italy, and the Paciotti factory. I hear it’s very authentic.

Please stay tuned for more, and expect to see incredible imagery from Sebastian in the near future.