Show Your Final Four Support with iFrogz Custom Headphones, Earbuds

by Brian Willett

Here at Bloginity, we’re constantly surrounded with the newest and best music on the planet, so it can get a little chaotic in the office if everyone is pumping their jams full-blast. For this reason, Bloginity staffers are always on the lookout for the coolest music accessories, such as iFrogz headphones and earbuds. And with the Final Four this weekend, what better time is there to pick up some custom audio accessories? No matter what team you want to win the NCAA tournament, you can show your support while rocking your pre-game tunes.

As you can see above, the iFrogz headphones and earbuds are fully customizable in terms of color and graphics, so you can get studio quality sound and star-quality looks. Even if you aren’t pulling for a Final Four team, you can dress up your custom headphones in any way you choose, with a rainbow of colors and a wide spectrum of custom graphical designs.

And while we at Bloginity certainly ball hard – who even looks at the price tag? – we are always up for paying less than we’d expect, so it’s nice that the iFrogz headphones, custom or not, come with impressively reasonable prices. In fact, it’s all the more surprising after you experience the enviable sound quality.

Whether you’re rocking out to The Mars Volta or Mozart, you’ll find top-notch clarity at both ends of the human hearing range. Smooth guitar and thumping bass are replicated with ease, and the snug fit helps block out street noise or whatever lame music the person across the hall happens to be listening to. We even decided to take the iFrogz out for a jog, and seven miles later, the iFrogz were still in place, keeping us motivated to push on through to the buffet line, where we drowned out the sounds of our own post-run pastries with our favorite tunes.

Whether you’re considering an upgrade to your current headphones or not, you should give iFrogz a shot, as the low price makes them risk-free, and the epic music quality will immediately assuage any doubts you had about their worth. Factor in the ability to customize the look, and you’ve got yourself a pair of headphones or earbuds you’ll want to hang on to. The company even throws in a custom zippered carrying case so you never have to worry about your buds getting into a tangled mess while you’re forced to attend meetings or class.

Check out iFrogz cases and accessories right here.