Taylor Lautner confused about last night on Twilight

by Team Bloginity

Taylor Lautner has confessed he has very mixed emotions about the imminent end of shooting on the ‘Twilight: Saga’.

The hunky actor – who plays werewolf Jacob Black alongside Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the vampire movie series – is preparing to film his final scenes, and while he is looking forward to new challenges he is sad about saying goodbye to his castmates and the whole experience.

He said: “We have a couple more days and it’s over – it’s a crazy thought. I think it’s mixed emotions, for sure.”

“Half of me says, ‘This will be a relief. I get some time off, I get to spend some time with family and friends and do other things,’ but the other half says, ‘This is going to be so weird.’ I’ve been filming with these people for years, so it will definitely be a bummer. It will be sad on the last day.”

Despite his tough guy look, Taylor is predicting tears on set from him and perhaps Robert and Kristen.

He added: “Nobody will admit it now, but I guarantee you there will be tears.”

The trio’s tears will be nothing compared to all the ‘Twihards’ sobbing uncontrollably when the credits roll on ‘Breaking Down part 2’.