Travis Barker says Blink 182 reunification is ‘going really well’

Travis Barker has revealed the reunification of Blink 182 is “going really well”.

The drummer in the ‘All the Small Things’ band, who went on a break in 2005, said the six years in between recording an album have flown by, but it’s all good again now.

He told “Now that there’s new material it all feels really exciting and new again.”

Talk about making something good from a bad situation, as if it wasn’t for Travis’s plane crash three years ago then Blink fans might still be left high and dry.

Step forward singer Tom DeLonge, who Travis said made the first move by writing a letter to the stickman.

The trio – who include bassist Mark Hoppus – luckily came to their senses, and are back to inject some of those catchy pop-punk tunes.

If they come up with another classic like ‘What’s My Age Again’ then they’ll certainly win my approval.