U2 set to have a ‘futuristic’ next album

U2’s next album will be a “futuristic” one.

Whether that means it will come in some sort of spaceship-shaped sleeve, who knows, but this is how lead singer Bono has described it to Lady Gaga producer RedOne, who worked on one of the ‘Vertigo’ group’s tracks for their forthcoming release.

He told Billboard.com: “Bono described the album as ‘futuristic’. U2 going sci-fi or something, that’s how he described it.

“They have a very special way of working. A song is never done until the day before it comes out almost, so you never know.”

But hardcore rockers should fear not as the band – which also include guitarist The Edge, bass player Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen – will still be jamming away on their guitars, with plans for a separate rock album called ‘Songs Of Ascent’.

Thank goodness for that! The thought of U2 only making music dominated by laser guns and lightsabers sounds does not bear thinking about.