Estelle teams up with Heavyweight Hip-Hop sovereign Rick Ross

Yes you heard it Estelle is back and she’s sounding as hot as ever with her new single ‘Break my Heart’. Its great to hear she’s back on our radios and fresh out of the studio from taken a whopping three years out of the industry to concentrate firmly on some new material.

Since Estelle has left the UK and opted for stateside success the only road for her has been up after her 2008 hit album ‘Shine’ went gold and won her a GRAMMY Award for ‘American Boy’ featuring Kanye West. Estelle has previously worked with Cee Lo Green, Will.i.Am, Mark Ronson just to name a few and has now joined forces with Rick Ross to create a musical wow!

‘Break My Heart’ has an old vintage soul sound to it and you can defiantly hear some Marvin Gaye and Roberta Flack influence within the vocals so it is unquestionably a step forward in the right direction for the singer-songwriter.

Estelle delicately sings through the verse and chorus angelically and effortlessly so its hard to see why the 31 year old didn’t showcase that striking voice sooner; nevertheless she’s back and seems as though she’s here to stay.

This is definitely the R&B love song for the ladies this year and the cruising tune for those road trips you guys are planning for summer 2011 so be sure to add this one to the play-list.

Estelle’s new album, ‘All Of Me‘ is set for release later in the year, so when it drops be sure to preview the magic!