Video Premiere: Tristan Clopet – A Chat With My Brain from Name It What You Want

Looking for a song to infuse a breath of fresh air into your tired iTunes collection? Then look no further than Tristan Clopet‘s “A Chat With My Brain,” the first single from Clopet’s upcoming debut LP, Name It What You Want. As you can see in the “A Chat With My Brain” video below, the song finds Clopet continuing to expand his musical style, with driving piano, tight acoustic strumming and an impressive vocal range. Of course, not everything has changed, as “A Chat With My Brain” displays an utter disregard for formulaic songwriting and manages to be undeniably catchy without sacrificing musical integrity, which is par for the course as far as Clopet is concerned.

Bloginity reviewed Tristan Clopet’s Purple EP right here. You can download Tristan Clopet’s music on iTunes right here. Name It What You Want will be released May 31.

Tristan Clopet – “A Chat With My Brain”