2011 Festival De Cannes Has Low Budget Feel

by Iain Alexander

On day three of the Festival De Cannes, it looks as though cut-backs have been widely felt in all corners of the entertainment business.

The glamor of traditional ads appears to be faltering. Huge billboards and statues of movie characters along the Croisette seem to have disappeared. With a minimalist setting, and very little ‘physical’ promotions to be seen at the big hotels, or even along the beach, does this mark a new chapter for marketing movies?

Despite the changes, the mood of the festival was upbeat, albeit low-key. It seems, even with the big premieres and the diversity of films this year, that the festival may be losing its special touch. Still, it’s early days in Cannes, and champagne is still readily available.

As long as the company is good, the drinks are plentiful, and the talent is here, I am enjoying it, but then again, doesn’t that sound superficial? Film festivals are more than just an event, they are a melting pot of ideas, some of which are translated into art that we see on display, or at least, we used to.