Angela Lindvall Shines Under the California Sun to Asa Tallgard’s Camera

It’s quite weird as you become more involved within the fashion industry you start knowing people by first name, but it gets weirder as these people start knowing you by first name, and when you start writing about them more and more often that you think you actually know them.

In this case, I’ve hit it twice. The model, and the location!

This is a cover shoot for the June issue of Elle Russia. Photographed by Asa Tallgard, the location – which we are very familiar with as our dear friend Henrik Adamsen has shot the Forrest & Bob. It’s of course the Sheats-Goldstein Residence. Kitty Maer said it herself, “The views alone made me a bit dizzy.” Angela Lindvall, who I recently met in Long Island while observing at the Cesare Paciotti F/W 2011 photo shoot is amazing as well. She’s gorgeous, I saw her naked.