Beauty Products – May 2011 Spotlight Must-Have Beauty Picks

May 2011 top Beauty Picks. Products that will complete your beauty look, products that will make you feel like a million bucks and products that will be your must have for years to come.

As a makeup artist and a Beauty Editor, I get sent a lot of products. Some I love and some go right in the giveaway drawer. So, along with the fabulous new B Beautiful site on Bloginity, I thought it was a must to have monthly spotlights of my favorite products. There will be some brand new products and some classic ones as well. I will be doing this monthly and we will have everything from cosmetics to skin care to hair care, perfume and other beauty essentials.

So, here are B Beautiful’s May 2011 Spotlight. Enjoy…

Le Metier de Beaute – Peau de Vierge Anti-Aging Collection

This anti-aging collection is the best I’ve ever used. Peau de Vierge contains anti-aging powerhouse Retinol. Le Métier de Beauté is able to offer a product that not only delivers a potent level of Retinol but also reduces the negative skin reactions usually associated with the ingredient. It feels and looks like your favorite tinted moisturizer while giving you amazing, flawless results. This could possibly be my favorite item in my makeup bag.

Retail $125,

Makeup Forever’s HD Micro Finish Blush

If you want your cream blush to feel like a second skin and not like something that just sits there, then this is the blush for you. It blends perfectly to your skin and is as manageable as you want it to be. It is perfect for everyday wear to the naked eye or a professional photo shoot where the camera gets six times closer than we can even see.

Retail $25

Tom Ford Beauty – Lipsticks

Is there ANYTHING Tom Ford can’t do to perfection? If you ask me the answer is no. Not only has he opened his heavily anticipated women’s wear stores (with Beverly Hills opened 2/25, NYC 3/7 and Vegas 3/11 with expanded distribution in specialty retailers for Fall ’11) but his beauty line, thus far, are to DIE FOR! His lipsticks feel like what you dream lipstick should look and feel like. They are thick and rich and lightly creamy and just make your lips feel sexy. If you love lipsticks, you will obsess over these!

Retail $45

Serge Normant – Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo lives up to creator’s Serge Normant’s name. Using it between shampoos is the perfect quick fix adding texture and volume when limpness settles in. It never feels stiff or sticky, just beautiful and restored.

Retail $25,

Sisley For Men – Sisleÿum for Men

Gentlemen! It is now time for you to spend as much time on your face as we do on ours.

Sisley has spread their fabulous-ness to the men’s side, launching Sisleÿum for Men. A moisturizing, anti-aging, skin firming, reviving and repairing product all in one. They easily could have created numerous products, but instead they developed one extraordinary product fulfilling all functions and tending to all the skin’s needs.

Retail $265,

Armour Beauty – Lip Gloss

Armour Lip Gloss is the brainchild of bad ass beauty Theo Kogan (you may know her as a rocker, model, makeup artist or possibly the playground since becoming a new mom). Theo wanted a lip gloss that lasted through a show or a shoot and she did it. Armour lip gloss has done everything right from colors to texture to long lasting formula. With perfect colors for every season, this is a must have in your beauty bag.

Retail $21,

Givenchy- Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

It isn’t often that a product stops me dead in my tracks. But this mascara is such a, well, Phenomenon that that is just what happened. There is no lash too big, small or hiding that will be missed. This high precision application system makes most other mascaras seem prehistoric. A must have in your morning routine.

Retail $29,

Inglot- AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow

This, new to the US, company is no stranger to amazing products and Mr.Inglot’s eye shadow pigments are no exception. The staying power and color selection of these product will make you go back and purchase every color you can. They blend easily are a certainly a must have for a night on the town or even an easy work day application.

Retail $14