The Black Angels Play Cinco de Mayo on World Tour

It was one of the few times when I had to stop everything I was doing and just listen. The Austin, Texas band reminds one of a darker, more Indie version of Rush – what could be bad? That’s why I jumped on the chance to see them at the Fox Theatre on Thursday night in Boulder. The floor was packed with fans as the thick bass lines and guitar riffs cut through the air, almost pushing the crowd back and forth with their force.

The music was good, the lights were mesmerizing and the crowd was receptive, but none of these factors were what made the performance exceptional to me – it was that the band was putting their entire hearts, bodies and minds into their playing. The way the bassist rose and fell with every note he plucked; how Alex Maas sang with every limb and muscle in him instead of just his voice; even the keyboardist put more emotion into his playing than most of the ones I’ve seen outside of orchestral concerts.

If you missed the Black Angels on Cinco de Mayo this year, I wouldn’t sweat it; besides the fact that they’re on tour in America until the end of May, and abroad until July, I have no doubt there are many more tour schedules to come.

The Black Angels – “Bad Vibrations” (ROOFTOP SESSION LIVE)