Bloginity at the Festival De Cannes

by Iain Alexander

The 2011 Cannes Film Festival is just around the corner and we are getting ready for our first official visit.

Yes – Bloginity & Film Industry Network is going to Cannes, and this year is a big one, with Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Robert De Niro ‘defecting’ to France as President of the Jury along with Hollywood’s biggest stars and their limo drivers.

From the world premiere of Johnny Depp’s latest outing as Captain Jack Sparrow to crazy obscure art films no one’s ever heard of, there will be plenty to discuss.

Brangelina might be a big red carpet moment but perhaps Johnny Depp and his brood could make the headlines. We may even get to see some protests. Nothing is ever sure, as we saw last year, with a freak tidal wave that almost knocked out the entire festival just a week before it started.

Well, I can tell you the weather here is getting hot, and as the world media flocks to Europe’s biggest film festival, there is no telling what might happen.

This will be my 7th year at Cannes and judging by the line-up this year, I expect a lot of glamor and exclusive parties. Fingers crossed.