Cannes Update: Lady Gaga Talks Philosophy at the Festival de Cannes

by Iain Alexander

Lady Gaga sang Judas live from the Cannes Film Festival and shared with fans her ‘art’ and career philosophy.

The hit TV show, which is broadcast live from the beach in Cannes, showcases a mixture of events taking place during the festival, including celebrity interviews, comedy with puppets (called Les Guignols) and other retrospectives.

People lined the Croisette hoping to catch a glimpse of the American pop star, and also to get to see her performance along with her ‘Little Monsters’.

“Well I was already crazy, so I have to be honest, I am so grateful to be able to perform tonight…I’m always thinking about how I can push the boundaries.

Responding to questions about her career Gaga said:

“I wanted to be the most successful female singer. I love the tangible nature of music.”

“I’m relentless and I never stop and if I ever get pushed around, I push harder.”