A New Classic Chanel Bag for A/F 2011 – Le Boy Chanel

‘Le Boy Chanel’, a bag full of masculine characteristics which manages to keep the heritage look of the brand.

And I must ask myself the following question – at what age does a girl develop an obsession for Chanel? One of our dear friends have purchased a 1950’s vintage classic Chanel bag which was a limited production made only for the Paris store. You should have seen the passion in her eyes when she spoke of Chanel, it was pure love. The price of the Chanel bag was just around $500 – when it was in bad shape. Now, she had repaired it and it probably tripled if not more in it’s price.

It’s 61 years later and Chanel is launching it’s autumn fall 2011 collection, which is without a doubt amazingly stunning. The new add-on to the collection is the Le Boy Chanel. A bag full of masculine characteristics yet it manages to keep the heritage appear ‘CHANEL’. This bag will be shaping 2011.

So the question is, are you obsessed?