Charlotte Cordes Brings the Sunshine to Vogue Hellas

The month of June is all about falling in love. Charlotte Cordes brings that love into the pages of Vogue Hellas, with the help of Koray Birand.

The month of June should be all about the warm weather. It’s all about the sun, and falling in love. Charlotte Cordes was brought in to take care of that and she’s doing quite a good job.

I’ve been discussing these new sun-driven editorials with a few friends and I’ve got to admit that I’m quite satisfied with what I’m seeing this years on the pages. True photography is back into the pages.

When I think of Vogue Hellas, I think white and aquatic blue oceans. Koray Birand gives the June 2011 issue a bit of taste, while Michalis Pandos utilizes Valentino, Chanel and Pucci making Charlotte Cordes a sun-chic.

Additional Credits

Photography: Koray Birand
Styling: Michalis Pandos
Hair: Nikolas Vilotis
Model: Charlotte Cordes