Epic Painter Dave MacDowell is Back on the Scene!

Well, If I had to describe Dave MacDowell, he’s an absolute genius – he cultivates a story into his painting, while not hinting too much what it is, you’d have to be stupid to not realize that it’s all references to whats happening with today’s world.

Dave MacDowell and I first met when Bloginity was literally being ‘incepted’, it must have been while I was discovering the true wonders of StumbleUpon. Something about his art left a mark right there because I had one of Dave’s known paintings (to be specific) as my wallpaper for nearly 5 months, something that I change nearly every day.

Well, If I had to describe Dave MacDowell, he’s an absolute genius. He cultivates a story into his paintings, while not hinting too much what it is. You’d have to be stupid to not realize that it’s all references to what’s happening with today’s world.

From Charlie Sheen to Samuel L. Jackson to the Beatles – he’s covered them all. They say “art is man’s expression of his joy in labor.” Let me tell you this – I am sure Dave loves doing what he does because he’s a rock star in our eyes! Not to mention, Dave MacDowell is a must for every art collector!

Bloginity will be premiering Dave’s new work, Charlie Sheen ‘Winning’ inspired by the heavy metal band from East London, Iron Maiden that is. Well, it’s good to have Dave back at our studios he had a lot of great things to say!

Daniel: Dave! Welcome back to Bloginity. it’s been a while since we last spoke, what have you been up to?

Dave: Hey! I’ve been dropping serious art bombs throughout America and London. I’ve done over 100 group show’s and become a walking “meme machine”!

Daniel: Do you still paint about 10 hours a day?

Dave: Yes, and usually more! People always say “Man how do you paint so fast?, and it kills me say I put 55 hours into a 4 day piece.

Daniel: Tell us about some of your most recent projects.

Dave: Things are blowing up man! I’ve been involved in art for “The Black Keys”. I’m curating a gigantic art show in October. Mostly now getting ready for my Solo show at Thinkspace opening on April 30th.

Daniel: I’d say that most of your paintings are pop culture and speak of todays world. How do you decide whether something is hyped enough to paint about. Whether doing something a bit more “indie”?

Dave: I get ideas constantly, but only settle on maybe one concept out of 100. I’ve been doing the “sex and cash” theory, where I do a piece to get my geek on, and then one to tickle the masses.

Daniel: Who are your recent influences?

Dave: I’ve been speaking in alot of 60’s beatnik lingo, and constantly listening to The Electric Light Orchestra. It’s totally Plastic, Cool Kitty. Totally Plastic.

Daniel: So I know you’ve been working recently on a really cool painting of Charlie Sheen.. I’ve been following your progress on that specific one, at what part of Charlie’s career did you decide “that’s it, I need to paint him!”

Dave: You were the influence. Someone made dinosaur oriented satire of an old painting of mine, and you said you wanted a dinosaur Sheen. And from there I was rollin

Daniel: If you met Charlie, what would you say to him?

Dave: No idea. I’d imagine it would be like dismantling a time bomb? He’s cool as hell though, as a person. My friends just did a “Sheen” art show, and he went there and signed prints and bought all of the work.

Daniel: I can see the immediate relation between ‘Charlie Sheen Winning’ to Iron Maiden’s albums. What inspired that? Are you a Iron Maiden fan?

Dave: Maiden Rules. I’ve always loved the cover art to that album, and waited for the right time to twist it.

Daniel: How do you begin a new painting, how long is the process of completing one?

Dave: I’ve got paintings in my head that I’ve been trying to figure out how to make them real for years. Sometimes I get an idea that feels right, and it’s alive in 3 days. It depends on how clearly detailed I can see it.

Daniel: What’s happening for Dave nowadays. Are you presenting anywhere?

Dave: Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City / Los Angeles April 30th. Im also shooting a segment for “Last Call with Carson Daily” which will air sometime soon after the show I imagine?

Daniel: You know, 2012 is coming soon. Some people are saying it’s going to be the end of the world but I think it’s going to be a new world, revolutionized. What are your hopes for 2011 – 2012?

Dave: I hope aliens land and give us technology to turn back time. Then we can all go Back to The Future!

Daniel: Anything else you’d like to share?

Dave: Plastic interview, Cat. Plastic!