Donald Trump Drops Out of Presidential Race; What Other Celebs May Enter Politics?

by Brian Willett

As you may have heard, Donald Trump, billionaire and inspiration for countless jokes, has announced that he will not run for president in 2012, contrary to previous comments. Donald Trump explained that he’d be concentrating on Celebrity Apprentice rather than entering the political sphere, which elicited great sighs of relief from Americans on all areas of the political spectrum. After coming dangerously close to a troublesome yet potentially hilarious Trump run for the White House, we couldn’t help but wonder what other celebrities might want to enter politics, for the presidency or any other position.

Bono: At times, it seems as though Bono has concentrated enough energy on U2 as he has on the UN. Bono pours his heart into each of U2’s tracks, and he has also spoken out on numerous global political issues and sought audiences with political leaders to try to promote change.

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga is outspoken and isn’t afraid of making a scene, which gives her a lot in common with many current American politicians. While Lady Gaga seems far too popular to ever leave music (the recording industry would never allow that), she seems as though she’d like to cross over into the political sphere. However, she might not go very far, as meat dresses aren’t allowed on the floor on the Senate.

Stephen Colbert: Stephen Colbert comments on politics on Comedy Central all the time on The Colbert Report, so it’s obvious that he’s politically active. In fact, Colbert attempted to run for office but was derailed by technicalities; what’s to say that Colbert wouldn’t want another shot?

Madonna: Could the Material Girl become the Political Girl? Hard to say, but Madonna does like to take advantage of every opportunity to keep herself in the spotlight. Madonna has done some charity work in her day, and she also seems intent on outshining Lady Gaga, so this could be her chance to do so.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: When Brad and Angelina aren’t busy making movies or adopting children, they are speaking out on political issues and donating time and/or money to make a difference. Although Pitt and Jolie never struck us as mind-blowingly intelligent, that doesn’t disqualify you from being a politician, and they at least seems a bit more sane than Donald Trump or Lady Gaga.