Ellen von Unwerth is a Genius – ‘Control Me’ for Tush

Ellen von Unwerth collaborates with Ingo Nahrwodl for Tush Magazine, who brings Ylonka Verheul to the game. Creating a one of a kind strong photo shoot entitled ‘Control Me’

I’ve seen good models being photographed by good photographers, bad photographers, and amazing photographers. I’ve seen them styled in unique ways, and in some ways that they shouldn’t have, and styled in some ways that will make you remember that shot when ever you see it.

Ellen von Unwerth (the legend) is one of those good photographers that can capture something no other photographer can. Tush Magazine is lucky enough to work with the photographer, who collaborated with the strong-featured model Ylonka Verheul.

Photography: Ellen von Unwerth
Model: Ylonka Verheul
Publication: Tush Magazine
Styling: Ingo Nahrwold