Eminem Announces New Album: Hell: The Sequel

1999 was a bittersweet year for hip-hop. It saw triumph when Lauryn Hill was awarded five Grammies for her debut album and the cover of Time magazine; it also witnessed tragedy as a twenty-four-year-old Big L was shot and killed on a dark Harlem street.

The year 1999 was a bittersweet one for hip-hop. On the plus side, it saw triumph when Lauryn Hill was awarded five GRAMMY awards for her debut album and found herself on the cover of Time magazine, but it also witnessed tragedy as 24-year-old Big L was shot and killed on a dark Harlem street. Alongside these milestones for the hip-hop nation was the Eminem and Royce 5’9” collaboration under the title Bad Meets Evil for their eerie “Nuttin’ To Do” single, released on a 12” vinyl that many hip-hop heads still hold as a prize among their endless shelves of records.

The song is from Em’s persona as Slim Shady and is overwhelmingly violent,  almost to the point where it’s tongue-in-cheek – the chorus encompasses the song’s general idea: “If it wasn’t for a wrist I’d have nothin’ to slit…I’m just f***kin with you ‘cause I got nuttin’ to do.”

Although the song never saw the Billboard charts, it holds a dedicated following within the most esteemed circles who have since been hungry for another joint work between the two rappers. Royce and Eminem may have ended on bad terms (the two’s differences led to both dropping from D12), but hard feelings have been put aside; 12 years after “Nuttin’ To Do,” another collaboration has been announced: Hell: The Sequel, scheduled for a June 14 release.

Details about the album have been kept under wraps – Havoc of Mobb Deep, one of the producers of the album, explained that Em and Royce like to “keep things top secret,” and that he had only “found out along with the [other producers]” what their beats were going to be used for “a couple of months ago.” It seems like a safe bet that the album’s concept will stand similar to the original track’s, with Havoc commenting that the music on Sequel is “kind of scary, but fits into” Em’s Slim Shady persona; he continued that the music “sounds like you’re going down a dark hole.” So far only one single has been leaked from Sequel, – “Fast Lane” – but it has already begun to satisfy the hunger loyal fans have been waiting to feed since 1999.