JKB Fletcher Manipulates Photography using Oil on Canvas.

The photograph tells in terms of color, shadow and distortion but there is a lot more to envision when you are painting a photorealistic piece, using oil on canvas.

I’m always browsing art – morning to nighttime, well, when I’m home that is and some things that have been stunning me is the ability to paint, or shall I say ‘create’ a painting that is so real and interactive, it’s not just a landscape, or an abstract.

JKB Fletcher is an Australian based artist that uses most of his artistic vision towards ‘photorealisim’ using oil based paint. Back in July, 2010 I had the honor to speak with Alyssa Monk – someone who I truly adore, she spoke to me about manipulating photography into oil on canvas she said “What I think is most important though, is studying from life so that one is aware of the lies the photograph tells in terms of color, shadow and distortion among other things. There is a lot of invention and memory in my process, and less of a desire to copy a photograph.”

I would love to one day speak with Fletcher, and find out what his techniques and inspirations are.. Maybe one day, maybe soon.