Julia Saner Lensed by Vogue Turkey’s Art Director – Ahmet Polat

As a model, would you rather work with Testino, Inez & Vinoodh or Vogue’s Art Director? Who provides a better feedback?

I remember when me and Nicholas Hardy walked the isles of CVS in Los Angeles one evening looking at the magazines and he said, “I can’t believe this cover effect still sells”, it was one of those magazines with a muscled-juice head on it and a crispy effect that makes it look real shiny. I don’t really know how to describe it but this photo shoot uses the same effect on much lighter tones.

I haven’t picked up any Vogue Turkey yet. They are not making it to the shelves in my magazine stores, so we have to order them on Amazon all the time. But I must admit that I enjoy them quite as much as I enjoy a Paris edition. Vogue Turkey is really prestige, and pushing ahead of other markets – and regardless of the language, I still “read”.

For the new issue of Vogue Turkey Ahmet Polat (who also holds the position for ‘Art Director’ at Vogue Turkey) picks up the camera and photographs Julia Saner. Check out these great shots and let’s all cry at once that we are from America and we do not have great Vogue’s like they do.

Additional Credits:

Photography: Ahmet Polat
Publication: Vogue, Vogue Turkey
Model: Julia Saner
Brands: Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Mary Felowes, Jil Sander