Kanye West’s New Collection of Limited Edition Scarves

Kanye West reveals his new collection of limited edition scarves inspired by George Condo’s paintings. The scarves are limited to 100/pc per each of the styles (5 in total) and will retail at $365.00.

I’m working with an Italian designer on his new limited edition of scarves.. Which I cannot reveal too much information about but let’s just say it’s hot, much hotter then Kanye’s new collection and once I reveal his new collection I will make a point of this article and you will understand what I’m talking about.

Kanye West launched a new line of limited edition scarves inspired by his Dark Twisted Fantasy. It’s not Kanye’s first appearance in the fashion world, as his last collaboration with Louis Vuitton quite inspired me at least to buy the LV Don’s.

The art on the silk scarf is actually George Condo’s original work, which is on the cover of Kanye’s album featuring a nude portrait of Kanye with a female beast of some kind.

There are five styles to the limited edition collection and approximately 100 will be made of each, each will be selling for $365 a piece through the French boutique Colette, MMParis.com. For additional affordable scarves and scarfs visit www.anytimescarf.com