This Man Has Left His House Once. Photojournalism at Its Finest

by Daniel Haim

What is the perfect job to have? I think it’s being a Creative Director. It’s where everyone wants to eventually end up. From being an Editor in Chief, or an amazing stylist, perhaps a great photographer who can see the world for what others can’t always apply in a job. And it all goes back right to fashion & arts.

From fashion jobs in London to managing large projects, or consulting for a great architecture firm in Switzerland that will pretty much get you anywhere else in the world.

I discovered this beautiful gallery under a Creative Direction category, sub categorized in Photojournalism & Documentary. The story tells it all:

“This house belongs to an old man who has only ever left the island once – to go to war. And each time I pass his house on my way home to Edinburgh I think about how much I want to stay. And how one day I just might.”