Lara Jades Shoots New Material Girl Campaign

Here’s something new for the Material Girl brand, after dropping Taylor Momsen as the face of Material Girl they’re picking up a good photographer, and going towards a more artistic way. We love it.

I think it was Taylor Momsen who we recently featured in a Material Girl campaign.., Oh yes, she was fired. But now the brand moves towards a more artistic way featuring actual models by an actual photographer.

Something that’s quite annoying nowadays is that most of the magazines (Vogue, Elle) all feature celebrities on it’s covers when we, the actual people who are the “ideal” consumer, who truly appreciate the content that’s produced – don’t even care about it.

So was it a good move for Material Girl? Sure is.

Photographer Lara Jade captures Gigi and Irena under a blue sky with balloons and ‘orangey’ colors.