Movie Review: Bridesmaids Is Full of Laughs, Gets Caught Up in Emotion

by Brian Willett

On its surface, Bridesmaids doesn’t seem as though it should be a particularly hilarious film. The premise – protagonist Annie (Kristen Wiig) watches as her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), lives out her dreams and gets ready for marriage while Annie’s life slowly crumbles. Thankfully, Bridesmaids manages to avoid the obvious pitfalls in concentrating too much on the all-too-real aspects of the relationship and instead focuses on the ridiculousness that ensues when Annie clashes with Lillian’s new best friend, Helen (Rose Byrne).

And oh, the ridiculousness that ensues. From (literal) potty humor – see the video below for details – to Annie’s hilariously miserable relationship with fun buddy Ted (Jon Hamm), there is plenty about which to laugh. Many of the highlights come from the clash between Wiig and Byrne, who both play their parts to perfection. Melissa McCarthy also provides an entertaining performance as Megan, who is Rudolph’s future sister-in-law. The fusion between raunchiness and serious relationship consequences makes Bridesmaids a bit like a Hangover for girls.

Chris O’Dowd turns in an impressive and memorable performance as the awkward but charming Rhodes, who tries his hardest to become Annie’s love interest until she finally gets sick of being walked all over.

The points at which Bridesmaids drags – and there are several – are those at which the movie tries to take on too much, inserting an overabundance of thought-provoking emotion and unfulfilled dream drama that just ends up being too depressing.

Thankfully, Bridesmaids keeps the humor at the forefront, and so many scenes elicit side-splitting laughter that it makes the overly emotional ones bearable. Bridesmaids is definitely worht a watch, so check it out.

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