New York City @ThePromoFactory Showing Love to Bloggers

by Daniel Haim

If you haven’t realized by now, Bloginity is a platform which is given to some of today’s most influential individuals, for one reason – share their voice on today’s industry whether it’s arts, culture, whether its fashion, accessories or apparel and whether it’s talking about some of today’s most amazing brands & companies including individuals who we appreciate.

Bloginity’s is without a doubt for the people from the people. This stage was created especially for those who love to laugh, listen to music and love fashion but most of all – appreciate the people who make it happen, and I’ve said that before but when I am saying it now I’d like to dive a bit deeper and explain – appreciating the people who make it happen is not just me (Daniel) or the rest of our awesome staff, not only the artist we feature. I am talking about the people who are behind the scene – who truly make everything happen.

And today – those people are giving back.

Venanzio Ciampa, President & Founder of The Promotion Factory had made a great announcement which will highly impact the way we operate our business. It’s something along the lines of “Our casa es su casa”, but in this case it’s “Our terrace is your terrace.”

The team announced yesterday morning, “After a long, cold winter it is time to soak up some sun. Every Wednesday starting May 25th, you are invited to turn our terrace into your office. Conduct interviews, photo shoots or just hang out with your laptop in the sun and meet cool people.

The Promotion Factory has two balcony’s facing one thing and one thing only – the beautiful warm sun. Something that is very hard to find when you are wondering through the big buildings of New York City. And for journalists like us who travel the entire day and come home late at night to sit in our “lab” to write is an exhausting thing. From now on, our calendar is marked.

Working in our industry, we surely meet a lot of PR companies yet The Promo Factory is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan, business oriented & focused in their approach, friendly and warm and understand the true meaning of sharing. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again – Sharing is caring.

Every Wednesday Bloginity will be ‘chillin like a villain’ at The Promotion Factory terraces. Blogging like it’s our job. Hold on… It is our jobs.

So let’s give it up to our friends, Giovanna Noe, Carlotta Cavallari, Jackie Titolo, and of course Venanzio Ciampa and everyone else at The Promotion Factory for making this beautiful thing happen! See you soon guys!

About The Promotion Factory
Founded in 2004, The Promotion Factory was born as a natural evolution for its President Venanzio Ciampa, named ‘The New York Marketing Maestro’ by NY Post’ Page Six. The Promotion Factory is an agency that operates outside of the boundaries of traditional marketing and public relations, “360 Thinking” as Venanzio called it during our meeting.