Obesessive Compulsive Tint. It Might Be New, But It Is Fabulous

by Julia Dalton

Well, it seems as though David Klasfeld has done it again.  We all know Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics from their phenomenal lip tars and airbrushing products, but OCC has come out of with a new product that easily rivals some of my favorites.  If there is one thing I put on my face more than anything else (beside moisturizer) it is a good tinted moisturizer.  I take my tinted moisturizers very seriously.  I need something that not only gives me what I need as a moisturizer, but also what I need for good coverage.  Well, this does both ten fold.

Today, I went to the OCC Tint debut event at Wonderland Beauty Parlor (here is their new display).

This was the perfect place for this event. It was all about beauty, but with a real artistic twist.  Between the amazing walls of art to the phenomenal and stylish styling area this was the perfect place for David Klasfeld to debut his product.  And debut he did.  Klasfeld has had some not so great experiences with tinted moisturizer (haven’t we all?) and he said “Early in my career I learned there was a vast dichotomy between what tinted  moisturizer is and what it could be.   While the majority of tinted moisturizers on the market were sheer and only lightly moisturizing, I always wanted to create a product that benefited the skin as much as any luxury moisturizer, and offered an opaque but adjustable coverage to provide the user with options” Well, let me tell you, this is exactly what he did.  I would be extremely comfortable using this for personal daily use as well as for my private clients going to events and my commercial clients for their photo shoots.

I say it is incredible, but don’t take my word for it.  This product was field tested backstage at both New York and Lost Angeles Fashion where models were not only on the runway being photographed from the risers, but they were simulcast in live Hi-Definition broadcasts showing pixel-perfect skin.

What would go great with this new OCC Tint?  Possibly a new OCC concealer… but that is just a teaser of what is coming from OCC soon. OCC Tint is available in 12 shades and retails for $25.oo for 1 FL OZ bottle. www.occmakeup.com

Great Tip: To use this for personal use, use your hands, for clients use a sponge and for photo shoots, a brush to make sure you get the best coverage.