The Process of Elimination by Chad Wys

by Daniel Haim

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts was open late last night, and I decided to invite someone who appreciates art perhaps as much as I do. The truth is, I’m more of a modern art type of guy and since the Metropolitan Museum is currently showcasing Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty I thought it would be a great mixture between classical art, and fashion.

The lines were long, but thankfully I was accompanied by an amazing person who can hold a fantastic conversation. As we waited on line for the Alexander McQueen Exhibition, we were stunned by the art on the walls. I hardly knew any of the artists, and I am very bad at examining art as well as. So I was taught a few new tricks, like checking the art up close. I am only a fan of new modern art, industrial design and architecture and beautiful women. I’m a man of MoMA which brings me to this story. I just discovered a mixture between modern and classical fine art.

The Process of Elimination is a project by Chad Wys, pretty interesting. Check it out!

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