Q&A: Jacopo Moschin talks about the new shoot with Vanessa Hessler for Icon Magazine

It’s rad that photographers send their work through to us, especially when we come across a little gem like Jacopo Moschin. Jacopo‘s new shoot for Icon Magazine has demonstrated in this indulgent and elegant story with the divine Vanessa Hessler what he is really about.

Jacopo’s new shoot for Icon Magazine demonstrates an indulgent and elegant story with the divine Vanessa Hessler. Through Jacopo’s intricately executed shoot, we can see what he is really about, and we like it! The beautiful shoot is a collaboration with stylist Woo Lee, and it features pieces for this season’s evening fashions. We feel that this is a story of star quality that demonstrates the glamor and glitz of the high life, and the elegance oozes out of each frame.

Samantha: Let’s start with the classic, how did it all begin, and how did you become interested in celebrity photography?

Jacopo: I always had a love for photography, then i went studio-managing in London, after that I started shooting, and got some phone calls. I’m influenced by whatever work (past or modern) that looks good and is coherent with what it delivers in terms of culture. I’m interested in fashion photography and celebrities just love to wear fashion!

Samantha: What were Icon and your own thoughts and concepts behind this shoot?

Jacopo: We wanted to have a great location where she could act as the real beauty she is and give it a sort of luxury flash feeling! So we shot in Rome, at the wonderful art-packed Hilton Cavalieri Hotel, in a couple of luxury suites, just on the top of the hotel.

Samantha: Achieved in complete style! How did everything go on the day, how did you find shooting with Vanessa?

Jacopo: I’m very happy. She is great, professional, intelligent, modest and yes, beautiful. More than this, the team was great, and the magazine was very supportive.

Samantha: Of course the photography looks beautiful, but we can’t help but noticing Woo Lee’s styling, is this your first time collaborating?

Jacopo: It was first time, but I’m definitely looking to work with her more in the future! She is great with what she does.

Samantha: And Icon Magazine?

Jacopo: This is the first Icon issue! So yes, more celebrities and actress to come in the future, be tuned.

Samantha: Vanessa Hessler is a great model to tick off, do we have any future celebrities or models on your wish list?

Jacopo: Elisa Sednaoui, Keira Knightley, Alexa Chung, Daria Werbowy.

Samantha: Let’s hope their people are reading this… and what’s next for Jacopo Moschin?

Jacopo: Let’s see…

Vanessa Hessler by Jacopo Moschin for Icon Magazine

Photographer: Jacopo Moschin
Model: Vanessa Hessler
Styling: Woo Lee
Magazine: ICON (Mondadori)
Make Up: Claudio Fratoni (Lancome Italian Representative)
Location: Hilton Cavalieri, Rome