Speaking with Marius Troy, the man behind Ben Trovato Blog.

Marius Troy is the founder of the Ben Trovato online platform that we can’t get enough of. A feed of fashion, inspiration and new emerging and established talent at our virtual fingertips.

Marius Troy is the founder of the Ben Trovato online platform. Being heavily involved with fashion photography here at the factory, we can’t get enough of this feed of fashion, inspiration and new emerging and established talent at our virtual fingertips.

Whether you are starting out in the world of photography, need a hand with styling tips or simply want to be in the know-how, this guy’s showcase will have the visuals! So now our friend Marius (and we don’t just mean on Facebook), talks about his “Well found” ideas and the future for Ben Trovato.

Daniel: Marius! From the start, how did it all begin for you, when did you first become interested in photography?

Marius: I’ve always been interested in some form of photography and the art of forming a message through a frozen moment in time, but it wasn’t until during my master studies in visual communication I really fell for the art form. And I fell hard.

Daniel: So from here, how did you come about developing your style to verge towards fashion?

Marius: While studying I had the privilege to get close to the fashion business through my fellow students who were fashion designers, and I found that I always had a close connection with the fashion students, since my graphic design work was often influenced conceptually by fashion. As my love for photography grew it was a natural direction to head.

Daniel: What were your biggest influences?

Marius: At the time when the blog was started I was mostly inspired and driven by my idea to give the stars of tomorrow a stage to shine on. I recognized the need for a place entirely dedicated to the “what ifs”, a place that didn’t just give the same old celebrity photographers the spotlight.

I think what has influenced me the most during the past two years working with Ben Trovato is the ocean of undiscovered talent out there. It amazes me every day how many exciting artists that are just waiting for their time.

Daniel: I’m dying to know, where did this name for the blog come from?

Marius: Italy is often associated with fashion and style, and when creating the website I remembered this phrase from when I used to try to learn Italian. It fit perfectly with the concept of the site as Ben Trovato in Italian means “Well found”, and Ben Trovato Blog is about spotlighting the undiscovered talent in fashion photography.

Daniel: Was there a catalyst that prompted the creation of the blog? or were there a number of contributing factors that lead to its creation?

Marius: I was already a collector of fashion magazines before starting Ben Trovato, and my computer desktop was always filled up with fashion photos grabbed from somewhere on the internet. I felt the need to systematize all the great inspiration I gathered, so I decided to create my very own fashion photography blog.

Being young and fresh out of school I was very familiar with the feeling of standing in the shadow of others, and the urge to prove oneself creatively. As most of the blogs at the time were dominated by photographers shooting for Vogue and such, I saw the need of a platform dedicated to the newcomers in the business.

That’s when Ben Trovato came to life.

Daniel: If you had to pick one photographer or campaign, that you have featured on your blog, as your favorite, which one would it be?

Marius: It’s totally impossible to find one photographer or post to be my favorite; I’ve got too many of them. But I think one of the most popular posts ever was the one about Sofia Ajram, and well deserved as well. Original work and a desirable attitude towards her passion.

Are there any photographers that you would love to work with but haven’t had to opportunity to so as of yet?
Thousands. Can’t wait to work with them all.

Daniel: The photographers you post give daily inspiration to the public, but do you have any other advice for any aspiring fashion photographers?

Marius: There are a lot of cliché advise I could’ve mentioned here, but what I feel is the most significant to get across is the importance of staying true to your own art. Inspiration and influences are wonderful, but always try to be yourself and add your own uniqueness to it, even when you’re new to the game and just exploring different styles and approaches.

Daniel: Who are the photographers you think the world should keep their eye on?

Marius: The ones that show up on Ben Trovato, every day.

Daniel: Nice answer. In the life of Marius Troy, what else can we find you doing? What’s next for you?

Marius: I’m working as an art director for Norway’s largest advertisement agency at the moment, and besides that I’m usually found out and about exploring new music or nature with my friends and my lady Michelle.

The next step for Ben Trovato is already in the works. All I can say at this stage is that we have opened offices in Oslo and Tokyo now, and will be opening offices in London and New York City shortly. Big things are on their way.