Spotlight on short films at the Festival de Cannes Exclusive

by Iain Alexander

Every year the Festival De Cannes celebrates short films as part of its official competition selection. This year film students as well as celebrities walked the red carpet, and had their films screened in the famous Palais overlooking the Cannes harbor.

Filmmakers are often given less credit for their short films as opposed to feature films because they don’t have celebrities in them, and are not appealing to mainstream media and audiences.

Short films are becoming such an important part of the industry especially as YouTube now dominates online video viewing, and that’s why today we want to showcase some of these young talents to you.

After spending the last week in Cannes, I was contacted by the festival to interview the short film selection. They kindly moderated a Q and A on our behalf which you can see exclusively on the Film Industry Network (moderator Louise Wastin).

Below are two of the many short films selected from film students across the world. This year, Columbia University had 2 in the Cinéfondation selection.

A Viagem by Simao Cayatte (Columbia University)

Big Muddy by Jefferson Moneo (Columbia University)