‘State of Mine’ A Self Portrait – Artwork Consisting of Approx 2300 of 1 inch Badges

by Daniel Haim

If you had time on your hands, would you be able to create something like this? I don’t think so. I travel quite often through art galleries here in New York City and I come across a lot of projects where I say – yes, they’re creative and if I had some time off I might actually try to replicate some of them. In this case, it’s going to be impossible. This entire artwork consists of approximately 2300 of 1 inch badges on the 135×110 cm piece.

The project is called “State of Mine” or a “Self-Portrait”. It attempts to visualize a sight of the artist at his own information contents, such as a variety of thoughts, interests, statement, key memories.

I have created a graphical character set that illustrates all of these aspects, as a system of signs – a language to be used as a matrix for creation of own information portrait, that could describe me. As a result I have produced about 2700 badges, with a variety of about 200 unique symbols. A badge seemed to me as a The artwork is called “State of Mine”, it is a self portrait. The author tried visualize & interpret his own sight of the essence, by splitting it into aspects and using them as ingredients.

The name of artwork explains it, it’s a word-play. Expression State of Mind means the particular condition that something or someone is in it at a specific time. The word state has also a meaning of a physical condition as internal or molecular form or structure, for instance: water in a liquid state. Precisely that artist had in view, by doing this structural portrait. He tried to show his psychological and physical condition. So he developed each symbol, which has a particular connection to him, and placed it on a badge, so that every each badge could describe a personality in that period.