Staying in Styles at Festival de Cannes at the Clint Eastwood Suite

by Iain Alexander

Screenwriter/director Jeff Gross is a Cannes Film Festival regular, and after coming here for so many years, he decided to ‘upgrade’ his stay.

Jeff has experiences, and stories, few can tell, having worked with Roman Polanski, and lived in Paris for so many years.

Just after getting my super cool 64th edition Cannes bag, I sat down with Jeff at the Majestic to find out what had changed since last year’s festival. First, he revealed to me a personal project, a short music video that he shot just a month ago, was getting rave reviews in the US:

And second, that he was staying at the ‘Clint Eastwood Suite’ in the Carlton Hotel working with a major producer for his next screenplay project.

Cannes is famous for its parties and cultural prestige, attracting the biggest stars, and huge film premieres every year but behind the scenes, are the most extravagant hotel suites you can get. I wont tell you how much Jeff’s room cost, but let’s just say that not all filmmakers can afford a panoramic view of the festival from one of its most luxurious hotels.

Jeff hopes to be able to finance his upcoming project, and is attending Cannes this year to meet the right people to make it happen. Knowing Jeff, his determination to get things done makes him a winner. I wish him the best of luck.