Striking Innovation In Music Production: The Beat Thang

by Emmett Lindner

There’s a new music-production machine with a sleek look to match its supreme innovation. The personal beat maker holds over 3,000 original sounds in its library, 65 digital effects and a host of other music marvels. It has an LCD color video screen, is compatible with Mac or PC and, oh, did I mention that The Beat Thang is fully portable? The device has recently been announced by BKE and Grammy-winning producer Dallas Austin – the man behind the likes of Michael Jackson and – as a means for every body, as Austin explains, “to be able to produce music the same way we do.”

The ease of mobility with the Beat Thang is incredible, allowing users to literally walk to class or wherever their life takes them while creating music. When the design was put to work it was with the understanding that inspiration can strike anywhere – on the street when you hear a track bumping out of an apartment window, or with a friend when they show you a song that gets the creative juices flowing. It is this attention to the musicians themselves that truly sets the Beat Thang apart from other production equipment and software.

The Beat Thang debuts July 17 this summer, and will be exclusively sold at Best Buy; if you can’t find the time to get one the few available for pre-order, you better hurry in – there will only be 1,000 units released to start, and the buzz has already reached gasping heights.