The Ellery Gazette Premieres Its First Issue – It’s Got Good Fashin Photographys

The new publication which was announced during this years RAFW by designer Kym Ellery, The Ellery Gazette premieres it’s first issue with photography by Steven Chee.

You got to love new publications, especially ones that have the balls to come into the market when other big publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are being sent back. But you know, knowing us – we give them support. I am not referring to us at Bloginity, us, but rather the readers who love new publications, who seek those shelves at the magazine stores browsing around and breaking a $50 to buy a $29 magazine that contains what we call true passion.

The Ellery Gazette is surely a publication we’re going to look over with a magnifying glass – and fully support with reviews of the editorials we love and love to hate.

The Ellery Gazette was announced and released during this year’s RAFW by Kym Ellery, a talented designer. The issue contains photography by Daniel Nadel, Steven Chee, and real passionate work. I am really happy to share this content with you. This photo shoot you can see below has been captured by Steven Chee.

Additional Credits:

Makeup: Charlie Kielty
Models: Greta, Dani Seitz, Anja Konstantinova, Sarah Lorimer, Saara Sihvonen
Photography: Steven Chee
Publication: The Ellery Gazette