Twiggy Frostbite – Dreaming Away with the new track “By The Ocean”

by Daniel Haim

We don’t know exactly when, what or even if it will happen but this is how it goes when you give an artist total freedom. No demands on format, no deadlines. no nothing…

“By The Ocean” is a new track from Twiggy Frostbite featuring members from The Deer Tracks. To be honest, we don´t know if it´s a part of an upcoming album, if it´s a single or maybe a part of a limited 7″ vinyl but what we do know is that this song is yet another brick in a dream that started of with the track “Written Within” a couple of weeks ago. A track that Twiggy Frostbite defined like this “What can we say you about that feeling? The feeling when you wake up and realize that this might all just be a part of that dream you had. You’re neither asleep, nor awake, you’re somewhere in between. The only thing you can be sure of is that you exist, or can you?”

Click here to listen to By The Ocean