Tyler, The Creator Arrested Outside L.A. High School

by Emmett Lindner

It has been confirmed that Tyler, the Creator was detained outside of Westchester High School in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon. The Odd Future front man was promoting his new album Goblin, released the same day, when a line from the group’s anthem – “f**k school” – was taken to heart, landing Tyler a ride to jail for disturbing the peace on the school’s grounds.

Pictures from the scene later verified the arrest, which coincided so closely with the album drop that it’s hard not to think it a publicity stunt (Tyler was released shortly afterwards with no charges filed, a short tweet offering his only explanation: “I have a great lawyer”). It may have been a stunt, but the nineteen-year-old rapper still has many years left in his career – I doubt he wants to see his next album drop behind bars due to a more serious crime.