End of the World May 21: Best Zombie Movies to Prep for Zombie Apocalypse

by Brian Willett

By now you’ve probably heard about the end of the world May 21 rumors; radio evangelist Harold Camping has suggested that judgement day will occur Saturday. Camping has claimed that by using mathematical calculations based on Bible verses, he has uncovered that the end times will begin Saturday. In response to the impending doomsday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has written an article that will tell you how to prepare for the potential zombie apocalypse.

But if the end of the world really is May 21, we’d rather enjoy it than read a boring article. Because of this, Bloginity has created a list of the best zombie movies to watch in preparation for this zombie apocalypse. We recommend you rent them all at once; why worry about late return fees when the end times are upon us?

Day of the Dead – Although the American zombie movie obsession seems like a relatively new thing, it wouldn’t have been possible without Day of the Dead, which paved the way in 1985. Brought to you by writer/director George A. Romero, Day of the Dead follows a group of military members and scientists who chill out in an underground bunker while zombies roam the earth.

28 Days Later – This 2002 flick helped jump-start the recent zombie obsession, and it is particularly relevant to the current impending crisis, as it is a post-apocalyptic tale of survival. The zombies in 28 Days Later know how to move, so watching this one can help you figure out how to avoid any zombies you may encounter this weekend.

Dead Snow – This film, released in 2009, doesn’t get too much recognition in the United States because it hails from Norway, but it’s a great survival tutorial in case the zombies that flood the earth Saturday happen to be a rare breed of Nazi zombies. Hey, it could happen, and better safe than sorry, right?

The Return of the Living Dead – Another classic, this 1985 film is one of the first to feature zombies that could actually move at a rapid pace, rather than a slow, Frankenstein-esque speed. Despite being a few decades old, The Return of the Living Dead is an undeniable classic, and who knows? It could help you survive the end of the world, if that’s possible.

Zombieland – This 2009 film is probably the closest film you can find to any apocalyptic events that unfold this weekend, as it’s a modern-day movie and offers a lot of gunplay, some emotional human interest moments and, of course, plenty of zombies.