Aluratek Bump is a Must Have for Music Lovers

by Daniel Haim

Whether you’ve got an iPod Touch, the new iPad, or a laptop (unless you’ve got that HP laptop with the Dr. Dre speakers), I’m positive you can hardly hear your music when you’re doing anything from hanging outside on a terrace to shooting in a studio.

I’ve got the AirPort Express hooked up to the Bose Companion system and as much as it makes my life easier by allowing me to hear my favorite song from Shontelle (“Say Hello to Goodbye”) or Rihanna’s new track (“Man Down”), I still can’t hear a thing when I’m outdoors. Last week I headed out to Brooklyn to check out my friend’s new apartment by Williamsburgh bridge and we were hanging out on her giant porch facing New York City. The noise coming from the street was so loud that I couldn’t hear much from my built in speakers – thankfully, I had the Aluratek Bump with me. The truth is, I don’t leave the house without it.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the new Aluratek speaker for the past six months – and I’ve got to say, it’s a must have. I always keep the Bump handy, for when I need to show someone a YouTube video, or just to hang outside and use the Aluratek Bump’s Bluetooth

From the Aluratek website:

“Introducing the “Bump” Speaker line from Aluratek. Easily stream you music wirelessly to the remote wireless speaker (up to 6) with no configuring or software needed. Simply connect MP3 players and other audio devices with 3.5mm auxiliary audio output or insert a SD / SDHC Card and start “Bumping” to your favorite tunes for up to 4 hrs on a single charge! There is no easier way to stream your music library and you will be amazed at the audio quality that the “Bump” speaker puts out.

Ringing in at $39 (for the expansion speaker) or $99 (for the BUMP Digital MP3 / FM Radio Boombox model), the Aluratek Bump will let you enjoy your tunes anywhere, without breaking your wallet.

In addition to the built-in FM tuner, the $99 version comes with an SD card slot and a plug-n-play from SD card ability. It features a USB so you can charge it when needed (but trust me – it can play
for hours), not to mention it’s a wireless speaker so wires are not necessary, and it ensures high performance sound up to 60 feet away from the transmitter.

So if you’ve been looking for a portable, wireless speaker to beef up your sound, check out the Aluratek Bump.

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