Arrested Development – Impatiently Waiting for the Movie

Mrs Featherbottoms, Arrested Development

You all know how ‘Arrested Development‘ got cancelled back in 2006, and with years of speculation surrounding a potential movie revival, maybe it’s about time someone came out with an official release.

We would love to hear about the Arrested Development movie, as Fox’s much loved comedy series has an audience hungry for more. Can we get justice? Look at how ‘Hangover 2’ broke box office records. People need to laugh, and the characters from the series are just as iconic as the hilarity of those in ‘The Big Lebowski’, a cult classic comedy we still quote today.

Earlier in May, Jason Bateman told Entertainment Weekly that Mitchell Hurwitz, who created the series, is penning a script so that the movie can go into pre-production this year.

After 5 years of restlessness, ‘Arrested Development’ doesn’t look any closer to realization, but with America’s favorite dysfunctional family still making the rounds in the media, surely someone has the answer?

Are you waiting for the ‘Arrested Development’ movie, or is time to give up on the show’s reboot?